Social Media at the Heart of your Employer Branding Strategy

Social media is all about history now, nothing new is left in it. When you look for innovation or latest strategy in taking your business to next level, EMPLOYER BRANDING is clearly the new strategy these days. It is all about the image and persona you want candidates/employers to hold about your brand. This key strategy is applicable for companies that are trying to stand out of the crowd and this relation is directly influencing to both of parties, company and employers. Opinion of candidates matter here, so it can’t be totally controlled by company itself.

A company career site is required that should be easy to navigate and guide people about company’s mission, values and jobs. Whatever employers experience on your website, it confronts back on your brand. Employee testimonials, real life stories and videos promote employers to have a deep look into your organization. Candidates should get beneficial offers like flexible policies, rewards, bonuses and nonetheless clear job description.  Make Employer Value Proposition clear on your website.

Though social media acts a window for interaction between three bodies i.e.; candidates, employees and brand. Employer branding strategy is getting so much important that most of HR and CEO of brands are investing on this strategy. Applicants are also relying on social media and to websites like Glass door to scrape out the reality about companies. Well timed messages from company will resolve many issues and complaints and hence elevate the strength of brand promoters in effective way.

It is also a surprising fact that according to research 60% of job seekers evacuate in the middle of their application form submission due to its length and frustrated requirements. Apart from promotion while using social media think to interact, communicate and get social with the people.

Rule through your content in marketing. Through content, you can build strong relation with customers and image of your brand, also very important in recruiting process too. Also it aids in taking decision by employers from step of awareness to education then consideration and at last application.

Company should deliver good message about its essence like company’s mission and why people should end up joining them. Living in era of unique obviousness, shaping of employer branding is vital by the fact of sharing more genuine stories of your employees.

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