Top Hairdressing Supplies for Taming Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is a common complaint for many clients, and it's a problem they're often keen to solve. As a hairdresser, you may have many requests to make someone's hair sleeker and less wild. With the right hairdressing supplies, you can exceed their expectations and make your job easier.

Choose a Shampoo With Glycerin

One of the problems your clients face when taming their hair is locking moisture in. When they use shampoos that are full of sulfates, they're drying their hair more than is necessary. Sulfates are excellent for banishing grease, but they have the negative side effect of causing frizz.

In contrast, glycerin works to lock in moisture. Its chemical compounds bond well with water, resulting in a de-frizzing effect. When you use it ahead of a styling session or after a cut, your clients will reap the rewards.

Focus on Protein-Packed Masks

When it comes to buying hairdressing supplies, you probably have plenty of masks to choose from. If your client's hair is particularly frizzy, select one that's full of protein. The protein starts working by nourishing the scalp and removing dead skin cells. In doing so, it promotes healthier hair growth.

Protein also strengthens the hair's cuticles, which makes them less susceptible to frizz. However, if your client's hair is only mildly frizzy, aim for a good serum instead. Too much protein on the wrong type of hair can make it look lank and greasy.

Trial Different Diffusers

With the right diffuser, you can help your client protect their curls, maintain volume and reduce frizz. One of the biggest problems associated with using a hairdryer is that they deliver high volumes of air velocity at your client's hair. This, in turn, causes frizz. 

Diffusers help you dry hair evenly and at a lower velocity, resulting in less frizz. As you're going to tend to clients with different size and volume hair, you may need more than one diffuser. Although it takes longer to dry hair while using one, it does make it easier for your clients to manage their hair.

Wide-Tooth Combs

Everyday hairbrushes and combs with teeth that are close together cause damage to your clients' hair. By damaging the cuticles, you increase the likelihood of them experiencing frizz.

Using a wide-tooth comb, you can detangle your clients' hair without introducing frizz. They're also useful for adding volume during styling sessions.

With the right combination of hairdressing supplies and some experimentation, you'll soon become a pro in taming frizzy hair.